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We are different.

1.We accept and evaluate all year round. 

2.We are not a pay to win program.

All submissions are subject to an evaluation process by our team of expert evaluators.

Our mission is to help businesses get their vegan products, food or services into the hands of more people by providing them with a stamp of approval that they can use to build trust, credibility and increase interest.

By highlighting award-winning vegan products, services and eateries to consumers, we're helping to ensure a more likely movement toward veganism.

How about some facts?

  • Award-winning businesses can acquire a 37% sales boost.

  • 75-82% of buyers are influenced by awards.

  • Awards can serve as a morale booster for employees.


Join those reaping the rewards of having a


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Our panel of vegan evaluators is made up of business professionals, marketing experts, dieticians, designers, authors, chefs, influencers and entrepreneurs with a vast knowledge of the vegan industry. 

Our CEO alone is also a Gut Health Consultant, Certified Nutritionist and has a Diploma in Vegan Health Nutrition and Lifestyle.

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