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How will I know my product has reached you?

We will email you a confirmation of receipt upon arrival.

Please make every attempt to pack your samples with eco-friendly materials.

Do I have to send a full size product?

No, we can accept sample size versions of your products.

Where do I send digital products?

Please send digital products to

Where possible please provide a googledrive link.

Is there a deadline for sending my product?

No, however we will send email reminders periodically to let you know we’ve not received your samples just in case you've forgotten!

Can I expedite my application?

An expedited process is available in the applicants lounge. 

How do you evaluate services?

As services can vary so much, we send individual instructions via email.

If you have not received these or do not understand the requirements please get in touch -

What happens if I am unsuccessful?

We will provide feedback on why you did not meet the requirements for an award, we will offer advice where appropriate. We have a strict evaluation process, if you are unsuccessful this does not mean we do not support or endorse your products or brand. 


Are resubmissions allowed?

Yes, for items that have been through a redesign or upgrade.

Can I get my samples back?

Sorry, evaluation samples are not returned. BUT! All non-consumable items are donated to charities, schools or shelters at the end of the evaluation process.

If there is something we haven't answered for you, please email us at

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