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Meet the Owner: Humane Wildlife Solutions

When you think of pest control, being kind and respectful to wildlife might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it should be.

The truth is, that most pest control companies use toxic chemicals that are harmful to both animals and humans. They use poisons that kill not just pests, but other wildlife as well.

That's why we're so proud to announce our latest Vegan Choice Award winner! Humane Wildlife Solutions..

Humane Wildlife Solutions is a company that's paving the way for a kinder future in pest control.

They believe in using nontoxic, eco-friendly methods that are safe for wildlife and the environment. They don't use pesticides or poisons, instead, they opt for special methods that target the pests without harming anything else.

Not only does this company offer exceptional service, but they cover all of the UK so there's no excuse not to choose a kinder option when dealing with wildlife problems.

If you’re not based in the UK, don’t worry! Humane Wildlife also offers consultations to help you find the solution you need.

We recently had the chance to interview the founder of this incredible company to find out more about his innovative, kind approach to wildlife problems:

We are so grateful your company exists, how did you come up with such an amazing solution to pest control?

I have always had a love for wildlife even when I was a small child and when I found myself being made redundant from my last job I decided I wanted to put all my knowledge and skills to use and make a difference. I love wildlife and sadly I discovered 100,000’s of wildlives every year were being killed by pest control businesses. I wanted to change that.

With guidance from the late John Bryant who wrote some books with his ideas of dealing with wildlife conflicts, I decided to try and offer that service to people where they could have their conflicts solved without harming any wildlife.

Starting with just foxes I soon got a lot of queries coming in for all different species so I used my wildlife knowledge and tried new methods to provide services for all species and since then we have helped many species over the last decade.

Can you give us some examples of humane methods that can be used to control pests and wildlife problems?

The best and most simple way to avoid wildlife conflicts is to make sure your home or business is fully proofed, we can do this for you but the majority of the time it can be done by you. Taking simple measures to make sure wildlife can’t get into your home or business will simply stop conflicts occurring. So check your home and make sure there are no large gaps where wildlife can take advantage of.

What is the most unique thing you've ever done in the field of pest control?

The most unique thing we achieved in the pest control industry was fighting to change the licensing laws up in Scotland for Gulls. When I started taking on gull work we were asked to remove gulls chicks from roof tops without harming them but the licences issued were only to destroy or kill eggs and chicks.

This to me was outrageous as these gulls species are either red or amber listed species meaning they have declining populations and it made me angry to see the only options people in Scotland had to solve these issues was by killing them, so I applied for the licence and wrote that I refuse to kill them but instead would take them to a rescue centre where they can be reared, to my surprise the authorities were happy for this to happen.

This made me want to try and show that this should be the way we deal with gull conflicts for these protected species. This then led to me running the Scottish Gull Trial in 2021 where I worked with Scotland's amazing wildlife rescues centres to set up a network of places where we could have gulls taken instead of being killed. The trial saw me encourage 19 lethal pest control companies to take these chicks and eggs under a new licence to the rescue centres instead of killing them and it was a roaring success. The results of the trial can be seen in our report here.

We saved, reared and released 100’s of gulls back into the wild showing this could be done and it resulted in the Scottish licensing authorities changing the law and bringing in a new licence where taking gulls to rescues instead of killing them is now a legal licensed option.

What would you say is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is knowing when I finish a job that the wildlife is never going to be harmed and every job completed will save many wild lives.

How can we find your services?

The best way to get in touch is via our website, our social media channels or by calling me on 0777 136 1226. From there we can help and assist people who need our help.

We really hope that if you are ever dealing with wildlife issues, this company will now be your go-to!

We really hope that if you are ever dealing with wildlife issues, this company will now be your go-to!



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