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The MARKETING STRATEGY that can really help business GROWTH that no one talks about!

Applying for business awards!

How can apply for an award help my business?

Winning a prestigious award can be a HUGE competitive advantage for your business. Here are the top three benefits of winning awards.

1. Increased sales.

If you win an award for your product's design or quality, it'll increase sales as well. People will be more likely to buy a product that's won an award, studies have shown 86% of shoppers are more likely to buy a product bearing an award logo. So you can expect increased revenue from the sale of those products.

2. Increased brand awareness.

Winning awards increases brand awareness because people will see your company and its products differently after they've been recognized by a reputable organization in the industry.

3. Increased trust in your product or service.

Achieving high standards of excellence makes consumers more confident in your ability to deliver quality products and services that meet their needs This can lead to more referrals and repeat business from existing customers.

How do I know what award to apply for?

Do your research!

Some awards are money-making exercises for the organizers; others are outright scams. Before you enter, make sure that the awards are credible. Are they well-established, and recognized by your industry? Are previous winners reputable?

For Vegan products and services, The Vegan Choice Award is the most prestigious award in the vegan industry .


They are not a pay for award programme, they have a strict evaluation process that requires each product to meet the highest standards with their team of expert evaluators.

As a winner you'll be in good company among some of the most respected companies in veganism as well as some of its most beloved products and services making it a commanding benchmark of excellence

Do you have a vegan product or service? Apply here.

*applicants are guaranteed a 75% refund on their application fee if they are unsuccessful

Other award programmes with a great rep include the Mom's Choice and Product of the Year!

Happy applying.



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