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The most COST EFFECTIVE MARKETING investment for a Vegan Business


Winning an award for excellence is definitely a great achievement. It not only

presents you with a sense of pride, but it also helps to market your business for growth.

The right award will add credibility and vital third-party endorsement to this sort of claim. Research goes so far as to show that 75-82% of buyers are influenced by awards, with recognition helping you win and return customers more cost effectively than any other marketing investment

Here's why.

Winning an award helps build trust

Business awards help you build trust with your customers, employees and investors.

Trust is of the utmost importance in business because it builds loyalty.


Winning an award is a great way to boost reputation, what better claim than to have an award winning product or business, but it can also open up new opportunities and help you


This award winning rep can be especially helpful when trying to attract new customers as they will see that you are recognised as a leader in your industry by professionals whose opinion they value.

Social Media Marketing

Advertising your award winning status will increase awareness, increase

sales, increase web traffic and increase social media engagement for your business

or product. The congratulations and trust will come rolling in!

Winning an award can boost team motivation

Winning awards together can be very motivating!

It will show your team that the work they do is important and that it's valued by

others. It will make them proud of what they're doing and motivate them to continue doing

well for the company to help it grow.

There's a lot that can be done after an award is won, especially when it comes to

using the award as a marketing tool or bolstering recognition.

Apply for an award today for FREE and see what it can do for you!


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