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When it comes to marketing vegan products, it's not only about promoting the fact that they're made without animal products. It's also about making sure people understand that they won’t sacrifice on other factors compared to non-vegan options.

Read on for some great tips for marketing vegan products.

Discount codes are a great way to generate a buzz.

If you are able to offer discounts, this can be the perfect way to get people talking about your product and give them an incentive to buy it.

Make sure you have a clear call-to-action that encourages customers to share their purchase and post about it on social media sites. This will help spread awareness of your products, which encourages more sales and positive word of mouth about them.

Branded packaging is good for brand recognition and looks awesome.

As a vegan brand, you know that your product is going to stand out in the crowd. But what if you could do even more?

That's where branded packaging comes in. Whether it's a paper bag or a box made from recycled materials, branded packaging offers a good way to add some personal touch to your products and make them even more appealing.

It's also an opportunity for you as an entrepreneur to show off what makes your brand special: its personality, values and mission statement.

You could also add a unique touch to your products like stamps or personalised packaging.

Use stamps or stickers on your product packaging to make it stand out. This can be something as simple as writing the name of your brand on the packaging.

Apply for an Award that recognises excellence.

Consider applying for a Vegan Award like the Vegan Choice Award

Winning an award can help you to stand out from competitors and therefore generate more sales. It will give your business more credibility overall and is a great way to generate positive media exposure.

Consumers are more likely to buy an award winning product, an award is a sign of good quality and a stamp of approval.

Influencer marketing.

Reach out to vegan influencers to promote your product and watch the sales flood in.

Influencers are people who have a large following of potential customers!

Their recommendation carries weight because it's coming from someone they trust, so when they recommend your product, you can expect to receive some interest!

Interact on socials.

BE ACTIVE, social media is a major marketing tool for businesses in 2022.

Engaging with potential customers on multiple platforms is a great way to get visitors to your page and therefore to your products or services.

Get following, commenting, liking, reposting.

Content marketing.

Providing entertaining content can attract people to your business, where you can then entice them to buy. Be sure to offer something useful and relevant to your industry.

A blog or a podcast can be a great way to market your brand.

Make sure to use great copy and SEO within your content.

Get creative.

Breaking the marketing mould can be a great USP for your brand. Consider something outside the box like wearing branded clothing, creating a mascot or creating car stickers and asking friends and family to display them!

All the best with your products!

Louise Jane

CEO Vegan Choice Awards


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