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Your search for the PERFECT GIFT is over.

EZHampers are making buying gifts easier than ever!

They have a wide range of vegan hampers available to choose from,or even customise yourself! So no matter who you're shopping for, EZHampers has a hamper they will LOVE.

They handpick and regularly update their hampers to make sure they stay up to date with the best vegan products around, and we're confident that these award-winning hampers will definitely spread some love!

Also, if something doesn't have a vegan symbol on it, don't worry—they've checked with the appropriate companies to make sure they're all legit!

We caught up with the founder of this lovely business and asked them some questions about their wonderful creations:

Tell us a little bit about how your business got started?

Our company started with a simple idea let's make hampers sustainable! We thought about what we really wanted our customers to get out of these hampers, and we realized it wasn't just about convenience - it was about sustainability. That's why we've made it our mission to create hampers that are eco-friendly and also meet dietary requirements. Having been a vegetarian for almost 25 years with many allergies and then becoming a vegan over 3 years ago, I understand how important it is to not feel excluded or overlooked when receiving a gift.

What Vegan hamper is your top pick?

The Home warming Hamper, as the vegan products are divine, and the tea is from a B Corp Certificated Company.

Which is something that EZHampers is working towards as one of our many goals.

What do you think makes your brand unique?

After working in the caring profession for over 3 decades and have a medical background we can walk the walk and not just talk it. We take the time to get to know you and the recipient to ensure that people get what they want.

What top products would you pack in one of your customised hampers for VCA?

We support lots of local companies and our specialised vegan soaps are one of our favourites, created by a lady whose daughter has autism and she wants to be self-sufficient so makes the most divine soaps.

We make our own candles from old coffee tins, alcohol bottles and many other products that would normally been discarded.

We make our own bath salts with Himalayan bath salts, and dried flowers from people who have been given them.

We encourage people to buy succulents as they do not die, and aloe vera ones are amazing.

We then have to put some amazing snacks in from Cheeky P’s, Air snaxs, vegan sweets and Angelic Cookies. All of which you can wash down with a beautiful mocktail or cocktail.

Who can buy your hampers/where do you ship?

We ship across the United Kingdom and have a large stock so this can be done quickly and without any fuss. I feel there is too much emphasise on Business to Business/ Business to Client. At EZ Hampers we like to say Human to Human.

For a personal gift from a personable brand, check out EZHampers.


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