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The Vegan Choice Award is the most prestigious award in the vegan industry.

Our standout seal resonates with consumers providing them with confidence when making purchasing decisions.  

Have a VEGAN product, service or eatery?

Give it the recognition and acclamation it deserves with this CERTIFIED ENDORSEMENT!

We champion vegan products, eateries and services that are contributing to positive change for the planet, its animals and of course its people.

As a winner you'll be in good company among some of the most respected companies in veganism making it a commanding benchmark of excellence. 


Our honourees not only win, they join our family.

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Why Apply?

  • To stand out from competitors

  • To generate sales

  • To give your business more credibility 

  • To generate positive media exposure 

  • An award is a sign of good quality



 Behind the scenes


We have a strict evaluation process that requires each applicant to meet the highest standards with our team of expert evaluators.

The team is made up of business professionals, marketing experts, dieticians, designers, authors, chefs, influencers and entrepreneurs with a vast knowledge of the vegan industry. 

Our CEO alone is also a Gut Health Consultant, Certified Nutritionist and has a Diploma in Vegan Health Nutrition and Lifestyle.

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Sadie Jade


"This journal will have you feeling confident, empowered, and inspired to make the transition to veganism. The author is a genius, and this lifestyle guide couldn't be more perfect!"

Louise Jane, CEO The Vegan Choice Awards


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Vegan Awards Seal
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