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Recognising and celebrating the best in vegan products and services

Why Apply for a Vegan Award?

  • To stand out from competitors

  • To generate sales

  • It will give your business more credibility overall

  • To generate positive media exposure 

  • An award is a sign of good quality


Have a VEGAN product

or service?


Give it the recognition and acclamation it deserves with this CERTIFIED ENDORSEMENT!

 Are you ready to be celebrated as the BEST of the BEST?


The Vegan Choice Award is the most prestigious award in the vegan industry. 




We are not a pay for award programme, we have a strict evaluation process that requires each product to meet the highest standards with our team of expert evaluators.


As a winner you'll be in good company among some of the most respected companies in veganism as well as some of its most beloved products and services making it a commanding benchmark of excellence. 


Products awarded do not just win, they join our family and have a relationship for a lifetime. 

We offer marketing and promotional service opportunities for as long as they want or need.


Join the family today.

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Enter PlantYou, the ridiculously easy plant-based, oil-free cookbook with over 140+ healthy vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, cheese sauces, salad dressings, dessert and more!

Get ready for mouthwatering dishes like Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Breakfast Cookies, Best Ever Cauli Wings, and the Big BOSS Burrito that you simply won't believe are made from plants.